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What Sets Us Apart

At Westmeadow Dental, We Care!

Dentistry is far more than fixing teeth. As practiced at Westmeadow Dental, dentistry is about genuinely caring about and connecting with people, and building relationships based on trust, respect, and communication.

Drs. Juno Park and Danielle Albert are experienced, empathetic dentists who want to help you achieve your healthiest, happiest smile. Along with our team members, we’ve created an office that’s warm and inviting, where you’ll always know you’re among friends!

A Different Kind of Dental Office

We’re proud to have a practice that’s focused on your comfort. We want you to feel safe and relaxed while you’re here, and excited to be improving your smile’s health and enjoying time with our doctors and team.

There’s a lot of laughter at Westmeadow Dental; you’ll hear it echoing throughout the office. We’re all about improving lives, connecting with our patients on a personal level, and sharing in your life. While each of us is an experienced professional, we’re also friendly and approachable and are honored to care for you and your family’s smiles.

Our Focus

Communication is the cornerstone of our practice. We want to understand your desires and your concerns. We promise to listen attentively, without judgment, and ensure you know you’re heard. Please ask us as many questions as you like; we’ll always respond directly, honestly, and transparently.

Comfort is essential for positive dental visits. We offer sedation dentistry for people who desire that option, but our goal is to help you learn that a procedure at Westmeadow Dental is nothing to worry about!

Education is an integral part of the care we offer. It’s essential that you understand what’s happening in your mouth and how it affects your overall wellness, as well as how your body’s health affects your oral health. We’ll teach you about the best home dental hygiene processes, and how to make healthy nutritional decisions, and we’ll encourage you to develop positive habits.

Our commitment to education includes our doctors and staff. We actively pursue continuing education, in clinical and client care, to make sure we’re providing you with the best dental experience!

Schedule a Visit

Located in Kitchener, ON, our family dental office serves Waterloo and the surrounding area. Please call to learn more and schedule a visit for yourself or a loved one.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our dental family and start learning about who you are. At Westmeadow Dental, We Care!